Health workshops

If you have already heard about these sessions you should know that they are based on discussing different topics related to natural therapies and your closer approach to them. If you have never participated in them before we suggest you discover a Health Education Workshop, which addresses different issues such as nutrition, disease prevention, healthy living habits, from professional natural therapy point of view.

These workshops are limited, nevertheless some of them might be attended for free. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions.


If you want to deal with one of the problems mentioned below in an effective and natural way, we can offer you an easy and efficient method which can be practiced by yourself achieving surprising results.

• Bulky abdomen and lack of muscular tone.
• Prevention and treatment of urine loss.
• Abdominal recovery after childbirth.
• Lumbar ache.
• Loss of vaginal tone.


Do you want to have a healthy and balanced diet, WHETHER you like cooking or not? In a very easy way you can achieve more energy, ideal weight and finally enjoy the quality of your life.

In order to be healthy tomorrow you should start now.

  • What does Biogenita Nutrition consists of?
  • Immediate Principles.
  • Food that provides us with energy and withdraws it.
  • Food that detoxifies.
  • Soybean is a special seed.
  • Dairy products. Cow milk.
  • Food extremes.
  • Important complementary elements in your daily diet.
  • Proportions of Biogenita Nutrition.
  • How to get advantage of food and save money?