Treatments and services, which we offer at our center, guide you towards the use of natural therapies and a balanced diet.

Our concept of beauty has a holistic vision. An aesthetic problem has a cause and an effect on the person and this is why it should be treated holistically. We also practice Integrative Aesthetics.

We have developed the Kinetic © method that combines the best of traditional aesthetics with the most effective Kinesiology techniques, regarding energetic, nutritional and emotional level of the person. Balancing and harmonizing the process with the rhythm of your body will make you feel good and become healthier.

“The beauty is a reflection of the physical and mental health”



  • Express Wellness Programs.
  • Reflexology and Chromotherapy.
  • Massage Pinda Tibet.  + INFO
  • Balancing Massage.
  • Wellness body peeling.
  • Chocolate wrapping therapy.
  • Geothermal Therapy. + INFO
  • Electrolysis or electrical depilation
  • Hair removal with warm and cold waxes.
  • Laser hair removal.


Our treatment assigns Kinèstica Program.

A program of Professional Aesthetic treatment with the most effective and natural techniques which analyses the causes of the problems that we want to solve. It enables us to design an exclusive treatment for you taking into account all your necessities. 

The program consists of:

– Consultation of naturopathy, diet and nutrition.
– Kinesiology (energetic and emotional test).
– Food Test.
– Weight control program: progediet.
– Personalized sessions.

  • Circulatory treatments.
  • Anti-cellulite treatments and draining with mud and seaweed wrapping.
  • Reducing weight and postpartum treatments.
  • Firming and modeling treatments.
  • Obesity treatment. Dietary consultation.


We know that there are many factors that can cause skin blemish, spots, acne, lack of tone, signs of stress, wrinkles. For the best results on your skin, you should both work on inside and outside aspects.

Facial diagnosis are done through: 
– Test of kinesiology.
– Dermal cosmosensor analysis. + INFO

  • Facial hygiene and hydration.
  • Anti-aging programs which treat and prevent wrinkles and sagging. + INFO
  • Antioxidant. Preparation for sun exposure.
  • Facial revitalizing
  • Anti-pigment
  • Hyaluronic